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Russian journal "Propaganda" exposes SK puppet rocket fraud-their rocket is Russian made

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  • Dermot Hudson
    As reported by the news agencies, the Republic of Korea on January 30 at 16:00 local time from the Baikonur Naro successfully launched the first South Korean
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2013

      As reported by the news agencies, the Republic of Korea on January 30 at 16:00 local time from the Baikonur "Naro" successfully launched the first South Korean carrier rocket "KSLV-1."
      South Korean authorities were in a hurry to somehow smooth out the experience on 12 December last year, the North Korean launch rocket "Unha-3", which put into orbit "Kwangmysong-3-2."
      Recall that just a week ago, the UN Security Council condemned North Korea for its satellite launch and called for increased economic sanctions against the country. North Korea was accused of that so it masks work to improve ballistic missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads.
      Now the international community froze in anticipation of similar action against South Korea.
      The latter, of course, a joke. And not just because everyone understands how objective are the approach taken by the UN Security Council, but also because the South Korean launch really is no "threat to peace" does not carry. It is largely a purely propaganda, because in fact the first stage of the rocket made the Russian Khrunichev. Khrunichev, and South Koreans, except for that fact, "mask" more nesego. In fact, the Russian rocket and brought a satellite into orbit, as the first step in creating thrust of 170 tons, the second is designed and made in the Republic of Kazakhstan - only 8 tons.
      South Korea, as well as all the permanent members of the UN Security Council, it is important to be any way to hush up the scandal, clearly destroys the myth of the failure of the socialist economy and the incredible efficiency of the capitalist economy. The result is something exactly the opposite: the poor, subjected to all aspects of economic and political blockade of North Korea launched its satellite, and rich, supported by all the rich countries of the world south Korea, can not do this, although I tried: the launch was carried out with only the fifth time.
      That started this show - Russian rocket launch (according to South Korean media, KSLV-1 at 80% repeat booster "Angara", created at the Khrunichev Khrunichev) from South Korean territory. For the international community, and that's enough.
       Comment by ASSPUK, JISGE and UK KFA This is typical of south Korea . It should be added not only was it a Russian rocket but it was financed by the loans and aid of the imperialists.  South Korea is utterly dependent on imperialism and the international capitalist monopolies . Most south Korean products are made up of foreign components and often south Korea does little more than simply assemble kits from other countries. This is the reality of the so-called "south Korean miracle"

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