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KCNA Commentary Accuses Lee Myung Bak of Taki ng Fault with DPRK′s Increased Defence Capa city

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  • Dermot Hudson
    KCNA Commentary Accuses Lee Myung Bak of Taking Fault with DPRK′s Increased Defence Capacity Pyongyang, October 1 (KCNA) -- Traitor Lee Myung Bak of south
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2012

      Pyongyang, October 1 (KCNA) -- Traitor Lee Myung Bak of south Korea takes financial account of the DPRK's strengthening of national defense capabilities.

      At a recent "tea party" in Chongwadae, Lee said national income has decreased in the DPRK because it has made huge investment in bolstering defense capabilities, even though no one intends to invade it.

      Lee's remark is another criticism of the DPRK as he recommended it to "take care of the people's living", finding fault with its spending in launching satellites in the past, and a way of calculation of those blinded by moneymaking.

      It is so ridiculous for such political lightweight as Lee who thinks the top interests and sovereign rights of the nation can be exchanged with money to intend to break down the DPRK people's trust in socialist system.

      The DPRK's military capability powerful enough to beat back any formidable imperialists' invasion was chosen and has developed by its people who do not want to repeat a life as colonial slaves.

      The DPRK had to build socialism amid the imperialists and their followers' ceaseless moves against it.

      It directed greatest efforts into bolstering the defense capability with their belts tightened at a crossroad of whether to lead an independent life or to become once again slaves of imperialism.

      As a consequence, it could reliably defend its sovereignty and open up a broad avenue of prosperity.

      It is not by mere chance that the once small country that had to put up with submission and national ruin as its destiny has become a military power no one dares to invade.

      The army and people of the DPRK are proud of the defense capacity to which they have devoted everything for decades.

      Did the people of those countries that were recently forced to disarm themselves bereft of the sovereignty and dignity undergo hardships and humiliation because of their small income?

      The option made by the DPRK was right and a powerful sovereignty represents the most powerful national capability.

      One can talk about national income only when he has sovereign rights.

      It is preposterous for the south Korean puppet forces to talk about DPRK's national income as they have borne the spending for maintenance of U.S. troops in south Korea and squandered a tremendous amount of money on anti-DPRK war maneuvers and arms buildup.

      Lee who is so good at counting does not know his plight on the verge of collapse and instead talks about national income. How shameless he is.
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