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Salt Lake Pagan Pride is this SUNDAY.

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  • im2mara
    Sunday, September 9 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. Entrance Fee: Canned Food Donation for the Road Home Visit Salt Lake s 11th annual Pagan Pride Day. This is a day of
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      Sunday, September 9
      10 a.m. - 6 p.m.
      Entrance Fee: Canned Food Donation for the Road Home

      Visit Salt Lake's 11th annual Pagan Pride Day. This is a day of events, music,
      rituals, shopping and more. Over 30 vendors have signed up for this year's
      event and the weather promises to be fabulous!

      Murray Park, Pavilions 1, 2 & 3
      (visit the Pagan Pride website for additional information)

      Schedule of events

      AltarScapes —All Day Event Pavilion 2 (Main)
      Spiritual organizations and individuals of varied backgrounds will be providing
      samples of their altars in the spirit of honoring the roots of our community. It
      is a place for reflection and a way to take a few moments away from the crowds
      to honor and celebrate our spirituality's diversity and commonality.

      10:00 am - 10:30 Opening Ritual by Crone's Hollow and Spiral Scouts
      Join Crone's Hollow staff members as they open the portals to the Otherworld,
      and the doorway to Salt Lake City Pagan Pride 2012.
      This opening ritual is child friendly and will create a sense of community for
      our 11th year of Pagan Pride in Utah. we will be including a Flag Ceremony by
      the Spiral Scouts as part of the opening event.

      10:30 am —4:00 Children's Corner
      Children's corner : Mask making, Coloring and sidewalk chalk art.
      In Pavilion #2

      11:00 am— Curious about the local community?
      by Russell
      This workshop will address items of likely interest to newcomers and visitors to
      our local pagan community. What is P/paganism? What is the Pagan Pride Project
      about? What are some of the local organizations and gathering places? Some basic
      books or online resources? Other topical questions will be welcome.

      12:00 pm—Independent Thelemic Ritual

      1:00—Performance by Windwood

      2:00—2:30 pm Mother Goose Children's Story Circle

      3:00 Wheel of the Year Workshop
      Pagans celebrate their connection with Nature by honoring the change of seasons
      as well as natural, astronomical, and meteorological events in their
      celebrations. Aisling the Bard, a Priestess of Wisecraft and Mistress of Four
      Dragons Clann, will be offering a one-hour workshop exploring the eight Sabbats,
      the "stations" of the Wheel of the Year, and discussing the lore, mythos, and
      observances connected with each. In Pavilion #3 by Aisling

      4:00 pm Closing Harvest Ritual:
      Behind In Pavilion #2
      The Church of Elemental Awareness was founded in (2006) by a group of friends
      who were seeking personal enlightenment through spirituality, magick, ritual,
      oneness with nature, community, art, and music. They function by recognizing
      that each member is on a unique spiritual path and that each of us has something
      to teach and to learn.
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