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Upcoming Astronomy Events (Gravitational Waves, Solar Activity, Loan

Hello everyone, Firstly, major exciting news in the world of astrophysics was released today: on September 14th, 2015, the Laser Interferometer
Elijah Mathews
Feb 11

North Korean satellite

Hi Folks, I see the inclination of North Korea's new satellite make it appear nice and high in the sky at our latitude:
John Nordlie
Feb 9

Upcoming Astronomy Events (February Meeting, Solar Activity, ISS Tra

Hello everyone, Firstly, solar activity has become slightly more active in the past 24 hours as active region AR 12494 has developed solar flare potential
Elijah Mathews
Feb 4

Aurora Borealis Alert: Possible Activity Tonight

Hello everyone, Just a quick notification that the SWPC is currently observing G1 (Minor) geomagnetic storming, which could indicate that the aurora may become
Elijah Mathews
Feb 2

Upcoming Astronomy Events (Evening ISS Transits, Loaner Telescope, P

Hello everyone, Firstly, solar activity remains very low. As of right now, there are no sunspots on the Earth-facing side of the Sun that pose any significant
Elijah Mathews
Jan 26

Aurora Borealis Alert: Possibly Visible Now?

Hello members, If you happen to be up tonight and have a clear view of the north, it may be worth taking a look to see if the aurora is visible. I've been
Elijah Mathews
Jan 18

Upcoming Astronomy Events (Occultation of Aldebaran, Involvement Exp

Hello everyone, Firstly, solar activity recently has been extremely quiet. The only event of note is a filament eruption that occured Friday afternoon which
Elijah Mathews
Jan 16

Upcoming Astronomy Events (Meeting Tomorrow, Aldebaran Occultation o

Hello members, Firstly, as a reminder, our monthly meeting for January will be held tomorrow on the second floor of Memorial Union at 7:00PM. This should be a
Elijah Mathews
Jan 10

G2 (Moderate) Geomagnetic Storms Forecasted

Hello members, Looks like we're in for some more aurora! The SWPC issued a watch this afternoon for *G2 (Moderate)* geomagnetic storms for early to midday
Elijah Mathews
Jan 2

Upcoming Astronomy Events (Quadrantids, C/2013 US10)

Hello members, Firstly, happy new year to you all! Hope you've all had a great holiday break. Also, hopefully you all got a chance to catch the aurora last
Elijah Mathews
Jan 1

New Years Eve comet and northern lights

Happy New Year! There's a chance of some clear skies tonight and also northern lights to start the new year. Comet Catalina is also less than 1 degree from
Dec 31, 2015

G3 (Strong) Geomagnetic Storms Forecasted

Hello members, The G2 geomagnetic storm watch that was issued yesterday has now been upgraded to a *G3 (Strong)* geomagnetic storm watch. Unfortunately, it
Elijah Mathews
Dec 29, 2015

G2 (Moderate) Geomagnetic Storms Forecasted

Hello members, The NOAA SWPC issued a pair of watches today in response to a major CME that took place this morning. The first watch is for *G2 (Moderate)*
Elijah Mathews
Dec 28, 2015

G2 (Moderate) Geomagnetic Storms Forecasted

Hello members, The NOAA SWPC has issued watches for *G1 (Minor)* and *G2 (Moderate)* geomagnetic storms for *December 18th* and *19th*, respectively (UT days).
Elijah Mathews
Dec 17, 2015

Upcoming Astronomy Events (December Meeting, G1 Geomagnetic Storms F

Hello members, Just as a reminder, our monthly meeting for December will be *tonight* at *7:00PM*, and will be held in the *Alumni Room* at *Memorial Union*.
Elijah Mathews
Dec 14, 2015
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