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"NORTH AND SOUTH: BOOK I" (1985) - Episode One "1842-1844" Commentar "NORTH AND SOUTH: BOOK I" (1985) - Episode One "1842-1844" Commentary The year nineteen eighty-two saw the publication of "North and South", the first novel of

Aug 23, 2013

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R: R: [northandsouth] Little introduction Hi Ginny, oh you must read the trilogy! I’ve just started book 2. So far I like book 1 much better. There are some important differences between the books

Apr 14, 2013

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Re: R: [northandsouth] Little introduction I have not read the books... that sounds like a good ! Intereting about Parma - as I love the cheese :-) *Ginny Butterfield Cranberry Twp, PA * ... I have not

Virginia Butterfield
Apr 8, 2013

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R: [northandsouth] Little introduction Dear Ginny, thank you for your warm welcome! J I’m so glad to see the list is still active. I live in Parma, Italy, you know, where Parmesan cheese is

Apr 5, 2013

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Re: Little introduction Welcome Francesca. I am Ginny from western Pennsylvania (near Pittsburgh). My husband and I are "owned" by a rescue beagle named GiGi. We also have a rescue

Virginia Butterfield
Apr 3, 2013

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Little introduction Hi all! Thank you to Erika for accepting my request to join. I'm Francesca, 42 year-old from Italy. I love the US and have always been fascinated with American

Francesca Diodati
Apr 1, 2013

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Remembering Patrick Swayze Remembering Patrick Swayze Jan 7, 2012 Wife Lisa shares intimate moments http://video.foxnews.com/v/1372838276001/remembering-patrick-swayze -- *Ginny

Virginia Butterfield
Jan 7, 2012

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The Major Problems of “HEAVEN AND HELL: NORTH AND SOUTH BOOK III” Any fan of the John Jakes' NORTH AND SOUTH trilogy would be more than happy to tell you that the worst entry in the author's saga about two American families

Feb 3, 2011

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Jean Simmons (1929-2010) British actress Jean Simmons, who portrayed Clarissa Main in both "NORTH AND SOUTH" and "NORTH AND SOUTH: BOOK II", had passed away from lung cancer at her

Jan 26, 2010

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Re: From Amanda Amanda, I don't think we are allowed to promote stuff like that on yahoo groups unless someone actually asks you for the link. Jen ... From:

Jan 12, 2010

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From Amanda http://beachbodycoach.com/esuite/home/aab874/ Check out my Beachbody site and products. For Coach and products info., contact me. -Amanda

Jan 12, 2010

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Re: Patrick Swayze (1952-2009) Yes, REST in PEACE! He was a fighter and a wonderful person from all I have read and seen. He will be missed!!! Not too much coverage has mentioned North &

Ginny Butterfield
Sep 15, 2009

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Re: Patrick Swayze (1952-2009) In the Dutch newspaper they said that Patrick became famous because of his role in North & South. Sorry to hear he passed. Rest in peace Patrick! Angelique To:

Angélique Bakker
Sep 14, 2009

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Re: Patrick Swayze (1952-2009) I'm upset in that the Internet did not show any pictures of him in that miniseries.  For me that was my first exposure with him. ... From: felaries65

Sep 14, 2009

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Patrick Swayze (1952-2009) Patrick Swayze, also known as Orry Main from the "NORTH AND SOUTH" saga, has finally passed away after a two-year bout with cancer. He was 57 years

Sep 14, 2009
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