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RE: [norse_course] Njall 112 part 2 / Alan's Translation

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  • AThompson
    Here´s my translation. Thanks LN for comments on last section. Alan Karlmannlegt verk væri þetta, sagði Hildigunnur, ef einn hefði að verið. ’This
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 12, 2008
    • llama_nom
      ... Lit. plenty much . See Zoega under oerinn : œrinn, a. sufficient, = ýrinn, yfrinn (œrin var nauðsyn til þessa verks); er þat ok œrit eitt, at, it
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        > ærið mörgu

        Lit. "plenty much". See Zoega under 'oerinn':

        œrinn, a. sufficient, = ýrinn, yfrinn (œrin var nauðsyn til þessa
        verks); er þat ok œrit eitt, at, it is quite sufficient that; œrit
        fagr, fair enough til œrins, sufficiently.

        > fleirum þykir mér sem illt leiði af honum en gott.
        > with most (things) (it) seems to me like bad (things) result (leiða
        af e-u, see Z2) from him than good.'

        I'm not entirely sure about 'fleirum', but I think it's the dative
        being used in an adverbial way: "more", "in more respects" (more bad
        than good). MM & HP: "I have the impression that Mord causes more
        harm than good." Most of the examples I found seem to be referring
        clearly to "more people" or more of a particular thing [
        ]. The following example from Brands þáttr örva isn't quite the same,
        but 'fleirum' does seem to have an adverbial or intensifying function
        there too, if I've understood it right. The context is that the king
        (who is speaking) keeps asking for Brandr's possessions to test his
        reputation for generosity, and has already strained the bounds of

        Meiri von að þessi maður muni vera fleirum örvari og heldur fénar nú
        of hríð. Farðu enn og seg að eg vil hafa kyrtilinn er hann stendur í.

        "Very likely this man will be ?yet/even more generous, and we've been
        profiting [from him] rather for a while now. Go again and say that I
        want to have the tunic he stands in."
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