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Re: [norse_course] Re: Dirty Language

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  • Patti (Wilson)
    Any time you see another Film - Hollywood s version of a Mediaeval Drama be sure to keep an ear ajar for their idea of Mediaeval speech - it s hilarious
    Message 1 of 5 , Oct 31, 2007
      Any time you see another Film - Hollywood's version of a Mediaeval Drama be sure to keep an ear ajar for their idea of Mediaeval speech - it's hilarious
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      Date: 31/10/2007 17:15:32
      Subject: Re: [norse_course] Re: Dirty Language
      Shows how much of a newbie I am.  I thought it was real!


      On 30/10/2007, llama_nom <600cell@... > wrote:

      --- In norse_course@yahoogroups.com, LM <lavrans@...> wrote:
      > Hi all:
      > This popped up on another list, and I thought some of you might find
      it amusing.
      > http://housebarra.com/EP/ep04/12norsecurse.html
      > (Not for the easily offended...)
      > Larry

      We should probably warn beginners, in case you hadn't guessed, this
      link is a joke: the sentences on this site aren't actually Old Norse!!
      Some of the words listed are, but a lot of them are garbled, misspelt
      or wrongly defined. They'd be more likely to draw blank expressions
      than bloodlust from any Vikings you might meet.

      Keep reading Njáls saga though, and we'll get to the real thing soon

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