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Re: Hey everybody...and I have Question.

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  • Daos_1
    ... see ... over ... some ... of ... modern ... for ... doubt, ... Norse, ... Ok...thank you all for all the help so far. I m still kinda fuzzy and lost on the
    Message 1 of 16 , Sep 29, 2005
      --- In norse_course@yahoogroups.com, "llama_nom" <600cell@o...>
      > No bother, not if it teaches is something. For want of more OIc.
      > examples, we could look at Google for modern Icelandic usage. I
      > there are a few where 'sigra' is used nonphysically, e.g. triumph
      > evil, defeat good with evil, conquer/overcome desires, as well as
      > victory in sports, battle, etc. And, as I mentioned, I did find
      > figurative examples from Old Icelandic too: to defeat "rage with
      > patience" (reiðini með þolinmæði) and to overcome "their
      > stubbornness/agression" (þrálæti þeirra). So you could well be
      > alright with that after all.
      > 'sigrast á', with the object in the dative case, appears in a lot
      > contexts. It seems to be used for triumph over adversities in
      > Icelandic at least. Google has examples of this verb used in MIc.
      > triumph over trouble, stress, illness, fear, fear of the dark,
      > dyslexia, drug addition and sexual predilections, etc. as well as
      > plain old "enemies". In standardised Old Norse spelling, in the
      > system used by Norse Course and Gordon's Introduction to Old
      > that would look like 'sigrask á'.
      > Llama Nom

      Ok...thank you all for all the help so far. I'm still kinda fuzzy
      and lost on the whole meaning here, but...i'm guessing right now the
      best choice i have is Sigra. Anyone disagree? anyone Agree? LOL.

      Thanks for all the help.
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