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"Know thyself" translation

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  • Ingeborg S. Nordén
    Greetings, everyone! Actually, the word for know in the sense of familiarity with a person ...the one you d need to express know thyself ...is not _vita_
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      Greetings, everyone!

      Actually, the word for "know" in the sense of "familiarity with a
      person"...the one you'd need to express "know thyself"...is not _vita_ but
      _kenna_. Also, the verb would need to be in the imperative mood (_kenn_);
      I'd probably translate the phrase as _kenn þik sjálfr_, though my
      Swedish-speaking influence might be showing here.

      Ingeborg S. Nordén
      Ek Ingwibergô stabaz fahiðô
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