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Re: [norse_course] Two diphthongs

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  • Haukur Thorgeirsson
    Hello, David! ... Well, he s certainly full of air :-) Actually I don t think there s all that much difference between Bush s air and that of Her Majesty. To
    Message 1 of 5 , Nov 26, 2001
      Hello, David!

      > You suggested listening to HM the Queen, but I don't get to do
      > that very often in New Mexico, hearing instead the bungled utterances, alas,
      > of George Bush.

      Well, he's certainly full of air :-)

      Actually I don't think there's all that much difference
      between Bush's air and that of Her Majesty. To me both sound
      like SAMPA [E]. It's mostly the length of the vowel, rather
      than the quality, that I think the Queen, speaking a non-rhotic
      dialect, does better.

      > Had the bright idea this morning of Googleing SAMPA to see
      > what [E:] would be in the sound system of German. And what do I find as an
      > example? 'Spaet' (Sorry to spell it thus; this gizmo produces an Umlaut only
      > with the greatest reluctance.) Unfortunately, I've heard the a-Umlaut
      > pronounced any where from a long e (Ger 'Beet' SAMPA [e:]) to an ash (Eng
      > 'at' SAMPA [{]). If memory serves, I heard the [{] more often in the north.
      > Any other suggestions?

      Methinks you must be rather close :-) The sound [E] is simply
      "something between [e] and [{]" so that's really all anyone
      can tell you.

      > And yourself? Surely an Icelander; search to wide world & there'll be not a
      > single Albanian with a name like that.

      This thing about Albanians must be a reference to some piece
      of literature I have never read. :-) Yes, I am certainly Icelandic,
      an humble engineering student interested in languages - and what
      is found written in them.

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