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Re: [norse_course] Laxdaela Saga 487 end + 49 part 1 - Rob's Translation

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  • Brian M. Scott
    ... Rob, Grace: is against someone ; it s buried somewhere in the entry in Zoëga. ... I have to say that I do like Grace s version of
    Message 1 of 2 , May 22, 2012
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      > Og við fortölur Guðrúnar miklaði Bolli fyrir sér fjandskap
      > allan á hendur Kjartani og sakir og vopnaðist síðan skjótt
      > og urðu níu saman.

      > And with many persuasions Gudrun magnified for Bolli
      > himself all enmity at Kjratan's hands and on account of
      > and then (he) put on his weapons posthaste and (they)
      > became nine altogether.

      > And with Gudrun’s persuasions, Bolli increased in himself
      > all enmity on the part of Kjartan and for his sake and
      > armed himself quickly afterwards and (they) became nine
      > altogether.

      > And with the persuasions of Guðrún, Bolli intensified for
      > himself all hatred towards (against) Kjartan and
      > grounds-for-complaint (cf sök, Z2) and armed-himself then
      > quickly and (they) became nine together.

      Rob, Grace: <á hendr e-m> is 'against someone'; it's buried
      somewhere in the <hönd> entry in Zoëga.

      > ... Þórhöllu málgu.
      > ... of Thorall the Talkative.
      > ... gabby Thorhalla’s ...
      > ... of Þórhalla (the) talkative.

      I have to say that I do like Grace's version of the byname!

      > Mjósýndr (narrow-something?)

      'Narrow defile'; see CV s.v. <sund> (2nd noun). (But
      despite what they say, the word is probably related to the
      'swimming' word, not to the 'sunder' word.)

      > (Dale-of-Pigs).

      This is the *second* time that I've wanted to read that as
      'Bay of Pigs'!

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