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Re: [norse_course] Laxdaela Saga 421 end +43 beginning - Rob's Translation

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  • Brian M. Scott
    ... Ripe to *be* picking! ... Rob, Grace: noways, in no way is one of several adverbial prepositional phrases using ; see (Z2). ...
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 14, 2011
      > Þykist eg nú vera fullkominn að þroska.

      > I think now (to) be fully mature.

      > I think now to be full grown to maturity.

      > I bethink-myself now to be full-grown (in terms)of
      > maturity (I am ripe for the picking J).

      Ripe to *be* picking!

      > Er þér Bolli það í engan stað ókunnara en mér hvert orðtak
      > á var um kærleika með þeim Kjartani og Guðrúnu.

      > (It) is you, Bolli, that in no unknown spot than to me
      > where expression to where concerning love with them,
      > Kjartan and Gudrun. [obviously not a correct translation!]

      > (It) is to you, Bolli, in no place more unknown than to me
      > aware? of every expression regarding affection between
      > them, Kjartand and Gudrun.

      > That is to you, Bolli, no-ways more-unknown than to me
      > what talk existed (was around) concerning (the) intimacy
      > between them Kjartan and Guðrún.

      Rob, Grace: <í engan stað> 'noways, in no way' is one of
      several adverbial prepositional phrases using <staðr>; see

      > Eða hefir þú þetta mál nokkuð rætt við Guðrúnu?"

      > Or have you talked something (?) about this matter with
      > Gudrun?"

      > Have you spoken of this case somewhat with Gudrun?”

      > So have you this matter in-some-degree discussed with
      > Guðrún?”

      I'd translate this use of <eða> as 'but', I think.

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