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Re: [norse_course] Star Wars XI part 2 - - Grace's translation

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  • Brian M. Scott
    At 7:46:17 PM on Thursday, July 15, 2010, Fred and Grace ... Stolen *by* Dúkú; stolen from would be . ... I believe that you re thinking of
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 16, 2010
      At 7:46:17 PM on Thursday, July 15, 2010, Fred and Grace
      Hatton wrote:

      > Ok þá er þeir Víga-Óbívan sigldi inn í höfn þar, sá þeir
      > þat skip, er var stolit af Dúkú.

      > And then when they, Slayer Obiwan (andAnakinn) sailed in
      > into (the) harbor there, they saw that ship which was
      > stolen from Duku.

      Stolen *by* Dúkú; 'stolen from' would be <stolit frá>.

      > Ok hverjum skalt þú, Víga-Óbívan, hefna föður síns
      > Kvaggans, ef Falfaðinn konungr er dauðr?

      > And how shall you, Slayer Obiwan, avenge your father
      > Kvaeggan, if King Palpatine is dead?

      I believe that you're thinking of <hversu>. <Hverjum> is
      the dative of <hverr> 'who', so it's 'And on whom will you
      avenge your father'. <Hefna> takes the genitive for the
      thing or person for which/whom vengeance is taken, and the
      dative for the person on whom it's taken.

      > Saman fengum vit eyða þá Seið-dróttin, ...
      > Together we are able to destroy them Sith-Lord, ...

      I don't see any way to make sense of <þá> as the accusative
      plural of the demonstrative pronoun: <Seið-Dróttin> is
      definitely a masculine accusative singular. Either it's
      'then', or it's an error for <þann>.

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