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8595Re: Njall - - 67 beginning - (þó að í bresti nokkuð um þetta)

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  • llama_nom
    Oct 2, 2007
      > En þó að í bresti nokkuð um þetta
      > But even if (it is) in pieces (?) concerning this

      'bresti' is the present subjunctive 3rd pers. sg. of the verb
      'bresta', main meaning "to break". I don't remember meeting this
      idiom before, but MM & HP's "if something goes wrong" looks rather
      like Zoega (6) impers. "one lacks, falls short of; ef oss brestr á
      borði "if we fall short, get the worst of it; þat mun aldri bresta,
      at... "it will never fail that..."
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