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  • llama_nom
    Apr 2, 2007
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      A couple more minor points that just occurred to me:

      'hundrad' (on the English side) should be 'hundred'

      As a native speaker of (British) English, I would say either "I am
      eleven" or "I am eleven years old" (but probably not * "I am eleven
      years", unless I really wanted to emphasise "years" for some reason,
      e.g. if someone has suggested that I was eleven months, or eleven
      centuries). If I was an unusual age (such as 200!), I would probably
      use the longer version, "I am 200 years old", if I wanted to avoid any
      confusion on the part of the listener.

      "I am oldest/youngest." I think it would be more normal to say in
      English "I am the oldest/youngest" in this context.

      "I am trollish girl." I would expect the indefinite article here: "I
      am a troll-girl."

      Ok feðgin mín eru trollar. 'troll' is a neuter noun, so the
      nominative plural is 'troll' just like the singular.

      "Eotonsdotter". The Old English cognate 'eoten' survived in later
      English with various spellings. The most recent example in the Oxford
      English dictionary is from 1611, 'ettin'. So, as an alternative
      possibility, you could have "Ettin's daughter" or "Etten's daughter"
      or similar -- but I guess that's a matter of taste. The word is
      obsolete, and fell out of use before a single fixed system of spelling
      was established. It's probably best known nowadays from JRR Tolkien's
      invented placename The Ettenmoors [
      http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ettenmoors ].


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