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6348Re: Hrafnkell 871-898 / Alan's Translation

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  • Blanc Voden
    May 21, 2006
      --- In norse_course@yahoogroups.com, "AThompson" <athompso@...>
      > Here’s my translation. Would appreciate comments on underlined
      > ok leitaði þar fyrst á, er hann gat þann af ráðit (l. 878).
      would appreciate a literal translation of this line
      > Kveðja
      > Alan

      "Er það nú auðséð, hver viskumunur ykkar hefir orðið, er hann lét
      þig sitja(reign/rule) í friði og leitaði þar fyrst á, er hann gat
      þann af ráðið, er honum þótti þér vera meiri maður. "

      It is no obvious, which has become the difference of wits between
      you (two), as he lets you rule( "farm") in peace (without
      interfering) and made there first a pass (at), as (soon as) he could
      that one assassinate, which he thought to be more of a man than you.

      leita á : attack rather than make a pass at.
      ráða af dögum: to assassinate. Fire/dismiss of Days of Reign

      Hope you get the point.

      Thanks Uoden.

      If I do not defend my family I lose my respect (virðingu=estimation)
      [of others of same ethics].
      But apparently if I defend your family that is an honor that belongs
      to me is it not. To keep one's respect is to stand one one's right.
      "Heiður" is much more in Icelandic tongue. And "heiður" has been by
      tradition compared to "honor". As "Virðing" to "Respect".
      To honor we say "að heiðra".

      Sam was forced to lie low and as his brother would not help him, he
      could apparently never rise up against or near Hrafnkeli. "Fékk ekki
      reist sig up."
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