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  • Blanc Voden
    May 1, 2006
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      A "whinny moor" is a moor overgrown with a thorn bush now called
      gorse (Ulex Europaeus) but in times past also called "whin". The
      gist of the whinny moor verse is that if you give shoes and
      stockings to the poor, you will have shoes and stockings on your
      feet when you must cross a whinny moor in the afterworld. Otherwise,
      you'll have to walk across the thorns barefoot.

      I do agree Patricia, your are clearly an wit of your measures.

      I as Blanc (Poetic name) was merely speculating and of course neigh
      matches hardly ocean. Ulex is not to be found in Iceland I reckon.

      But GorSe has synonym a Furze : By the ancient Bards
      "urð" is earth/dirt least fertile, urt is plant (see jurt).
      "urd" may be "urdn" ortgraphically spelled "urn".
      "urð'ar" the one that buries(covers with dirt).
      H'urð: is door. Furða is Wonder. Þurð is dearth. Þurt is dry.

      "LíkÞor(d)n" are kind of corns: callus marking the feet.
      Callus in hands we name "Sigg".

      We say "að planta", we do not say "að urta" nor "að jurta".
      If I take the "enn" from "Plant" I get "Plat" that means naive lie.
      "at" in Icelandic can refer to mud.

      On the heath (heiðinni: hinni the other one) we find lot of "urtir"
      as herbs (lækningaJurtir) or spices (kryddJurtir)

      Thanks Uoden

      SpAce is mostly Blank as the one deprived the "Óð".
      See ó as in Low=Ló. óið> óð: fast said.
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