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  • Patricia
    Oct 15, 2005
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      What is next, the same names, see if that would not cause confusion, I have just ordered the third editions of parts two and three, for the extra text etc, and hope to get them shortly.
      I have my name down for the re-publishing ot the Cleasby Vigfusson Job -  from the OUP but I have to think of a better excuse other than sheer self-indulgence.
      BTW, do you know anyone else who reads a dictionary and traces here and there like a person stepping on the stepping stones, I am minded of a Wiccan Ritual - "From a word I am led to a Word and from a Deed to another Deed", you can never have too many books, so your dwelling be on good foundations
      I hotly deny it - it is untrue I have never sunk a building with my books It is a lie
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      From: llama_nom
      Sent: Saturday, October 15, 2005 7:16 PM
      Subject: [norse_course] Re: New person saying hello

      --- In norse_course@yahoogroups.com, "Patricia"
      <originalpatricia@y...> wrote:
      > Anthony Faulkes' "A New Introduction to Old Norse" [
      > http://www.shef.ac.uk/viking-society/ ], comes in three volumes:
      > grammar, reader and glossary.  Some other websites for beginners
      > Excuse me LN, this is not strictly correct, Michael Barnes is
      responsible for Compiling the Grammar, Anthony Faulkes worked on the
      Reader and the Index, I have twice recommended the books under these
      names, trust me, I have the said books in front of me.
      > Patricia

      Yes, you're right, Patricia, of course.  I recently got a flyer from
      the Viking Society advertising the 3rd editions of the reader and
      glossary (Maybe you did too?).  I think that's what led me astray. 
      Well, that's my excuse anyway.  Sulks: why can't everyone just have
      the same name.  Save ourselves a lot of confusion...

      Llama Nom

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