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5548Re: [norse_course] my son got killed and I have a friend in prison

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  • Patricia
    Oct 1, 2005
      Your friend's being in Jail for what ever reason should not be an obstacle to learning Old Norse, there should be plenty of opportunities to enquire at a library in your own town for books, personally I have a strong feeling for the books published by the University College London, for they also run the Viking Society for Northern Research, these books are not really expensive and Amazon would likely have them, but try Googling for the  Viking Society for Northern Research and see what develops
      The Books are by Michael Barnes and Anthony Faulkes, Professor Barnes' knowledge of Old Norse is outstanding, as indeed is that of his colleague.
      The books are in three Volumes soft cover, and doubtless a Dictionary (Recommend Zoega)
      of course you will find there are many people still devoted to E V Gordon's Introduction to Old Norse, but the Viking Society's books have the edge to my mind, Biased - oh Yes but not I think without reason
      Well  Randall I wish you every success
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      Sent: Saturday, October 01, 2005 6:18 AM
      Subject: [norse_course] my son got killed and I have a friend in prison

      Hi, I am new to this group. My nineteen-and-a-half year old son got
      drowned trying to save his mother in a flood 56 weeks ago in
      Jamie (my son) was very into dragons and had dragon tattooes which he
      had designed himself. My penpal who is in prison in Florida and
      extremely into runes and Odin had a vision in which he saw my son
      feasting with Odin because he had died a hero and he drew me a nice
      picture of a dragon in honour of my son.
      I am a descendant of Odin through Rolf the Ganger and my friend, who
      of Irish ancestry, knows of no such descent himself but is extremely
      drawn to Norse and Viking culture. Because he's incarcerated in Florida
      which maintains a website showing every inmate's photogragh and record,
      it is possible to check him out thoroughly in advance of any contact
      with him.
      I found this group searching on the Internet for a way to help my
      friend learn Norse so he'd be able to study original texts about Odin
      but, I am not really sure how to go about this. I've never taught
      anyone a language before and, haven't learnt Norse yet myself.
      Cany anyone please advise me?

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