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4411Re: [norse_course] help please? and Hey I just joined

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  • Cherrie Kuntz
    Sep 2, 2004
      My name is Cherrie and I just joined too.  Sorry that I cannot translate yet.  My BA is in Latin and Greek so that's all I could help with at this point in time.  I do however think that this old norse business will be easy.  Try in a month or two. Cher

      Michael Smith <mytoyneighborhood@...> wrote:
        Hello, my name is Michael Smith and I am interested in learning
      Old Norse mainly to be able to write my own songs in Old Norse, and
      also to speak for fun. 

      Right now I have a short part of one of my songs I've been trying to
      translate using online sources, but I haven't had any luck.

      Would anyone be so kind as to be able to translate this as much as
      possible if it's not too much trouble?:

      "The Skein of Fate that the Norns direct
      As they draw, carry and sprinkle renewing water,
      Ratatosk gnaws and carries vile words
      Yet blends and unfolds with the pre-ordained"

      It doesn't have to be exact, if it's something much simpler and a
      little different, but with the subject matter unchanged that's
      fine.  I just want to able to record this one vocal part of my song.

      take care,

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