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4378Re: [norse_course] Off topic runes

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  • Rig Svenson
    Jul 3, 2004
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      Hi Fred and Grace Hatton,
      alu: Krause (1937 444-64)  gives an overview of inscriptions in which this word appears; cf. also DRI: 629 A word of the runic sacred lexicon. On the possible etymology see de Vries (1962:7B); Polome (1954), Betz (1962:11). It could possibly be related to CGmc *aluth 'beer' although it still remains unclear to what extent alu should be considered an independent lexeme in old Germanic with the meaning happiness, good fortune, prosperity, success, or an actual sequence of magic runes which could be evidenced by transposition of alu and lua (DRI: 629-30; Krause 1937 446-64. The typology use of alu can be compared to the use of formula meaning happiness, good fortune in Greek votive inscriptions (cf Larfeld 1914 306-7)

      Fred and Grace Hatton <hatton@...> wrote:
      This is way off topic, but I can't help but be curious. I am making
      drop spindles for spinning wool. In making the whorls (weights) of clay,
      I thought it would be fun to embelish them with runes. Obvious would be
      "fli fæstr," but I came across research that showed many inscriptions
      with "alu" on them which seems to be a magical code, but probably more
      appropriate to my little spinning whorls was found on a weight for a
      fisherman's net which was marked "aluko" which someone suggested might
      be "little magic." Can someone explain the "alu"? There is nothing in

      Also if I were to use the expression "allákaft" (very fast) or "alllétr"
      (very light), would I just use a single rune for the letter "L"? And
      also is the "r" at the end of alllétr, the rune that looks like an "R"
      or the other one?

      Fred & Grace Hatton
      Hawley, Pa.

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