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4375Re: [norse_course] Off topic runes

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  • Haukur Thorgeirsson
    Jul 3, 2004
      Oh, yes! I forgot to reply to this originally.

      Basically I think you were doing okay with the
      runes but the grammatical endings have the 'other'
      R (ýrr).

      > Can someone explain the "alu"? There is nothing in Zoega.

      It's a lot like the 'alu' sequences in the human genome.
      There's a whole lot of them but no one's quite sure what
      their significance is.

      > Also if I were to use the expression "allákaft" (very fast) or "alllétr"
      > (very light), would I just use a single rune for the letter "L"?

      One 'l' is probably enough.

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