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  • Fred and Grace Hatton
    Jul 3, 2004
      This is way off topic, but I can't help but be curious. I am making
      drop spindles for spinning wool. In making the whorls (weights) of clay,
      I thought it would be fun to embelish them with runes. Obvious would be
      "fli fæstr," but I came across research that showed many inscriptions
      with "alu" on them which seems to be a magical code, but probably more
      appropriate to my little spinning whorls was found on a weight for a
      fisherman's net which was marked "aluko" which someone suggested might
      be "little magic." Can someone explain the "alu"? There is nothing in

      Also if I were to use the expression "allákaft" (very fast) or "alllétr"
      (very light), would I just use a single rune for the letter "L"? And
      also is the "r" at the end of alllétr, the rune that looks like an "R"
      or the other one?

      Fred & Grace Hatton
      Hawley, Pa.
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