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3441RE: [norse_course] Re: sequentia and reconstuction

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  • Lewis, Raymond J.
    Aug 11, 2003
      Okay - when I said:
      This is where Sequentia comes in. They did claim the music to be based
      upon an extrapolation of the musical traditions of Medieval Iceland and
      did claim that significant efforts were made to recreate both the music
      and speech of the time and place. With this in mind, it is obvious that
      the inhabitants of Modern Iceland are in a better position to evaluate
      Sequentia's claims than the rest of us. Therefore, I can't say that any
      of us should fault Haukur and Oskar for their naturally biased
      It's the bias that we're counting on to give us information not available
      from any other source.

      I didn't know that we would be treated to such an excellent example of the
      mentioned bias

      When Konrad wrote:
      The musicians in Sequentia are fine and highly trained specialists, but
      simply lack the many years of highly specialized training, and the
      Nordic sensibility, which are absolutely required to perform this music.

      This notion of a so-called "Nordic sensibility" is clearly correct - yet -
      it is also,
      clearly, a distortion. Yet, I don't wish to sound overly critical. All I
      wish to say is
      that there is room for other "sensibilities" within any sphere of knowledge
      other than
      just that one which would seem most pertinent. What we hear from Sequentia
      is the
      result of their own, sort of patented method of recreating dead musical
      forms from
      what little remains of them. In this manner, what they've provided should
      not be
      taken lightly - especially by those who possess the more pertinent
      Doubt gives knowledge flexibility - and therefore greater strength. Doubt is
      the yeast
      in the bread. Those who leave doubt behind live in a world grown too small.
      Actually, I think that last bit would sound better in ON - although I don't
      know the
      words. Maybe latter.

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