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  • Daniel Ryan Prohaska
    Aug 2, 2003
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      Haukur and Óskar,


      I read the reviews you posted. Though formally you are probably right in many ways, in others you are not. I doubt this CD was recorded with the intent of making it into an academic exercise on reconstructing a sung version of the “Edda” as it was performed in mediaeval Iceland. It is a modern artistic expression of an old text, not more no less.


      To criticize it under this aspect does not do the craftsmanship and effort justice that was put into it.


      And how would you know how the Edda was performed in the first place? Were you there? Even darwing conclusions from modern Icelandic, Faeroes, and Norwegian traditional folk music doesn’t really help, because performace and musical styles develop and change over time at least as much as language does.


      I disagree that it sounds like “a bunch of Germans” confronted with an Icelandic text – I certainly know what that sounds like, and I do not find the like on the Sequentia-Edda-CD.



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