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1693[norse_course] Re: quick question on 1 norse word

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  • Selvarv Stigard
    Feb 2, 2002
      Bwn wrote:
      >Thanks for this information. I was trying to find some good example
      >of a Norse word beginning with "y" (not the letter, but the sound of
      >the first letter of English "yawn"--[j] in IPA) which is cognate with
      >an Old English word beginning with the sound "y" ([j] in IPA). I was
      >thinking 'gear'/"year"/'Jahr' would be a good example, but the Norse
      >seems to have lost the initial consonant. Thanks, Ben.

      oh, in that case:

      játa - yes
      jóð - youth
      Jól - Yule


      Selvårv Stigård
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