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1634Re: [norse_course] Old Norse Pronunciation

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  • Haukur Thorgeirsson
    Nov 3, 2001
      Greetings James,

      >I've got a question regarding pronunciation of ON. How does one pronounce
      >'v' and 'ö'? Is the 'ö' like in German? And how do I say all this in ON?

      You can pronounce 'v' as an English 'v' or as an English 'w'.
      The 'ö' is pronounced alike in German and Icelandic. It was not
      used in the Old Icelandic period - we use it in this course to
      represent a hooked o, pronounced not unlike the vowel in 'cause'
      - but short rather than long.

      Try Óskar's article for more detail:


      In Old Norse 'all this' is 'allt þetta' ;)

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