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  • Fred & Grace Hatton
    Jun 22, 2013
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      Hi Eliot,
      I think it would be great if you posted mysterious words that you can't find
      in the dictionary because of the endings due to declensions, etc. I have
      not managed to memorize the declensions - as is probably obvious. It would
      help me, I think, to try to figure out what the nominative case or the verb
      itself would be if you posted your fishy ones.

      I have a good background in German - having lived there 9 years and having
      attended the (now) Darmstadt University (then TH Darmstadt) as a German Lit.
      major - so that helped a lot. I started with the online yahoogroup course
      and a new paperback copy (available from Amazon) of the Zoega dictionary -
      which has a couple of strips of duct tape to hold it together - plus I have
      Gordon's Introduction to Old Norse which I used a lot at first, but rarely
      look at now.

      At first it took almost an hour to look up nearly every word. Now it's more
      like 15- 20 minutes - - although clearly I could put more time into it. I
      go thru and underline the words I am not sure of, try to find them first in
      Zoega, but turn to the online Cleasby Zigfusson if I can't find them.


      Fred & Grace Hatton
      Hawley, Pa.
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