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  • nikolai_sandbeck
    Sep 3, 2009
      I use old norse when i talk to my icelandic friends, and it works fine for me, Of course it is higly influenced by icelandic, but as more and more i work with old norse, as more old norse it becomes.
      to make it sound like a living language i use modern icelandic pronounchiation discribed in "A new introduction to Old Norse".
      and talk, write with icelanders and i watch movies and hear music in icelandic. but my words, spelling, grammar, syntax and the way of expression is old norse.

      as more i work with old norse, as more pure it becomes

      --- In norse_course@yahoogroups.com, CalecM@... wrote:
      > Ed
      > Let me give you different perspective. I've been studying ON for
      > something measurable in weeks. However, it is far from my first foreign
      > language. (French, Italian and Japanese). You will not learn ON the same as you
      > would learn Swedish or Swahili. You will not become "fluent" in it because
      > you will not use it as a communicative system with another human being.
      > Rather, you will most likely sit in the middle of a pile of books and
      > laptops, which you will use to decode or decipher the text. As time goes on, you
      > will rely on the reference materials less and less, as you remember more
      > and more. But the ON language in your brain will consist mostly of this.
      > It will not be connected to memories of personal, physical experiences you
      > have had. It will lack the positive reinforcement of successfully
      > communicating with another human being. (If you're familiar with Piagetian
      > Constructivist learning theory, this will make more sense.) If you have studied
      > other second languages, think back: some of the language you know best is
      > tied to the moment you learned it. Somebody on a bus, a key line in a movie,
      > etc. You're not likely to get that studying ON texts. Doesn't mean your
      > experience won't be fun, informative, successful, satisfying--but it will
      > be different.
      > One man's opinion--your mileage may vary!
      > Alec MacLean
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