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Translations Resume August 21

I am excited that on August 21 we resume our translations. We will be continuing the translation of The Saga of Sigrgarðr the Valiant. Looking forward to
Aug 15

Re: Two Books for Learning Old Icelandic

Those are excellent. Cheers, Tom Wulf ... From: "'Brian M. Scott' bm.brian@... [norse_course]" Date: 8/14/17 1:22 PM
Wulf, Tom (wulft)
Aug 14

Re: Two Books for Learning Old Icelandic

At 7:49:39 AM on Monday, August 14, 2017, ... Don't forget the third volume: the very useful glossary is at
Brian M. Scott
Aug 14

Re: Two Books for Learning Old Icelandic

Takk fyrir, Rob. From: norse_course@yahoogroups.com [mailto:norse_course@yahoogroups.com] Sent: Monday, August 14, 2017 4:50 AM To:
Paul Hansen
Aug 14

Two Books for Learning Old Icelandic

Two very useful textbooks for learning Old Icelandic are available (at this writing) for free in PDF form. The first is A New Introduction to Old Norse, Part
Aug 14

Icelandic Text-to-Speech

Sometimes it’s useful to hear some text spoken out loud, and that’s the claim to fame of text to speech programs. I don’t know of any text-to-speech
Aug 7

Old Icelandic Vocabulary

Two Twitter accounts with a word-of-the day format for Old Icelandic or Old Norse are: @OldIcelandic @OldNorseWords Rob
Aug 4

Saga Thing Podcast

I've mentioned this one before, but it's worth repeating: The Saga Thing Podcast is one way to get more information about the sagas in an entertaining yet
Jul 27

The Settlement Museum in Reykjavik

If you are ever in Reykjavik and interested in archaeology related to the times of the sagas, the Settlement Museum is worth a visit. And if you can't visit in
Jul 17

Old Norse Videos

Jackson Crawford continues to produce videos on aspects of learning Old Norse. I recently watched this video of an explanation of how nouns work:
Jul 11

Re: Sigrgard 1 A

... A king was called Ríkarð. ... He ruled to the east in Garðar. is literally ‘strongholds, settlements’; since it’s to the east, here it
Brian M. Scott
Jul 6

Sigrgard 1 A / Alan's Translation

HereÆs my translation Thus far sounds like B≤si Mk II Alan Rφkar≡r hΘt konungr. (There) was a king called Rφkar≡r Hann rΘ≡ fyrir austr φ
Alan Thompson
Jul 4

Sigrgard 1A - - Grace's translation

Ríkarðr hét konungr. Rikardr was the name of the king. Hann réð fyrir austr í Görðum. He ruled over the east in Russia. Hann var ríkr ok mikill
Fred &Grace Hatton
Jul 4

Sigrgar 1 A -- Rob's Translation

Ríkarðr hét konungr. A king was named Rikardr. Hann réð fyrir austr í Görðum. He ruled over (the) east in Gordum. Hann var ríkr ok mikill höfðingi.
Jul 3

Sigrgard 1 A

Ríkarðr hét konungr. Hann réð fyrir austr í Görðum. Hann var ríkr ok mikill höfðingi. Silvæn hét drottning hans. Hon var af dýrum ættum. Son
Jul 3
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