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Re: Hey everyone

Well go you Mr. Brett Judd...you keep those boys in check haha brett judd wrote:I am groovy, I just recently got the "you're nothing
Ryan Deleon
Mar 21, 2005

Re: Hey everyone

I probably wouldn't have if we were face to face, but he was IMing me. If I hit, him I would have been opening the door for an ass kicking. I don't fight well.
brett judd
Mar 21, 2005

Re: Hey everyone

Did you punch that jerk in the nose when he said that? I sure would have. You're lunches are not meaningless now, there just easier. You don't have to worry
Adam Baumann
Mar 21, 2005

Re: Hey everyone

I am groovy, I just recently got the "you're nothing without me" speech from a guy too short to do anyhting for me. But I am free from obligation now and can
brett judd
Mar 20, 2005

Hey everyone

Hows everyone been...I hope all is well...Well I was just dropping by to see whats up with everyone...ttyl ~Ryan~
Julian Ryan Deleon
Mar 19, 2005

Re: Okay??

Hey! I haven't even checked this yet. thanks to everyone who has joined. Someday, we will have a mass gay marriage ceremony! ...
brett judd
Feb 12, 2005


So like noone says anything in this groups so I'll say something...Hey everyone...how are you all. TTYL ~Ryan~
Julian Ryan Deleon
Feb 12, 2005
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