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WWF Birds Animals Fish Complete List

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  • Ali Philatelic Traders
    Dear Friends I have these WWF (MNH) Complete sets and M/Sheets also Mini Sheetlets available for Sale. If any body interested please contact me or visit my
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 17, 2007
      Dear Friends
      I have these WWF (MNH) Complete sets and M/Sheets also Mini Sheetlets available for Sale. If any body interested please contact me or visit my site for more information. No Exchange please.


      Items will be given First Come First Serve Basis. Payments through Western Union, Money Gram and Money Bookers acceptable. You can E.mail me at:


      1985 Afghanistan Tigers (4v)
      1998 Afghanistan Animals (4v)
      1996 Armenia Animals Mini Sheetlet
      1999 Ascension Islands Birds (4v)
      1999 Ascension Islands Birds Mini Sheetlet
      1998 Australia Parrots (4v)
      1998 Australia Parrots Mini Sheetlet
      2001 Australian Antarctic Territory Salty Dogs (4v)
      1994 Azerbyjan Birds (4v)
      1990 Bangladesh Retiles (4v)
      1995 Bahamas Birds Mini Sheetlet
      1993 Bahrain Animals (4v)
      1995 Belarus Animals (4v)
      2000 Belarus Cats (4v)
      2000 Belarus Cats Mini Sheetlet
      1983 Belize Tigers (4v)
      1999 Benin Snakes Mini Sheetlet
      1984 Bhutan Monkeys (4v)
      1997 Bhutan Dhole (4v)
      2003 Bhutan Birds (4v)
      1994 British Virgin Islands Animals (4v)
      1988 Botswana Animals (4v)
      1984 Brazil Animals (2v)
      1983 Bulgaria Animals (5v)
      1984 Bulgaria Birds (4v)
      1989 Bulgaria Bats (4v)
      1994 Bulgaria Hamster (4v)
      1997 Cambodia Elephants Mini Sheetlet
      1993 Cayman Islands Birds (4v)
      2002 Cocos Islands Crabs (4v)
      1989 Cook Islands Birds (4v)
      1999 Croatia Snakes (4v)
      2004 Croatia Birds (4v)
      2004 Croatia Birds Mini Sheetlet
      1992 Cuba Birds (4v)
      2002 Czech Republic Butterflies Mini Sheetlet
      1987 DDR Animals (4v)
      1994 Dominica Beetles (4v)
      1994 Dominica Beetles Mini Sheetlet
      1994 Dominican Republic Animals (4v)
      1994 Estonia Animals (4v)
      2001 Ethiopia Zebra Mini Sheetlet
      1997 Fiji Bats Mini Sheetlet
      1984 Ghana Bongo (4v)
      1991 Gibraltar Birds (4v)
      1996 Gibraltar Birds (4v)
      2006 Gibraltar Fish Mini Sheetlet
      1999 Greenland Owls (4v)
      1992 Guinee Bissau Monkey (4v)
      1999 India Lions (4v)
      1996 Indonesia Rhino (4v)
      1996 Indonesia Rhino Mini Sheetlet
      2000 Indonesia Komodo (4v)
      2000 Indonesia Komodo Mini Sheetlet
      1992 Irelands Animals (4v)
      2005 Ireland Butterflies M/Sheet
      2000 Israel Animals (4v) with Tags
      1991 Italy Birds Animals (4v)
      1983 Hungry Birds (6v)
      1994 Hungry Birds (4v)
      1996 Jamaica Animals (4v)
      2004 Jersey Rare Fauna Mini Sheetlet
      1997 Kazakhstan Animals (4v)
      1998 Kiribati Spiny Lobster (4v)
      1998 Kiribati Spiny Lobster Mini Sheet
      1999 Kyrgyzstan Animals Hologram Mini Sheetlet
      1981 Lesotho Animal M/Sheet
      1994 Latvia Animals (4v)
      1995 Macau Animals (4v)
      2001 Macedonia Birds of Prey (4v)
      2001 Macedonia Birds of Prey Mini Sheetlet
      1995 Malaysia Tigers (4v)
      1995 Malaysia Tigers Mini Sheetlet
      1998 Mali Animals Mini Sheetlet
      1991 Malta Falcons (4v)
      2002 Malta Sea Horse (4v)
      1993 Moldova Snakes (4v)
      1999 Montserrat Fish Mini Sheetlet
      1995 Mongolia Animals (4v)
      1997 Namibia Animals (4v)
      1994 Nevis Corals (4v)
      1991 New Zealand Tuatara (4v)
      1993 New Zealand Fauna Flora (4v)
      1996 Norfolk Islands Skinks Mini Sheetlet
      2004 Norfolk Islands Kingfisher Mini Sheetlet
      1989 Pakistan Black Bears (4v)
      1989 Pakistan Black Bears Full Sheet
      1983 Palau Fish (4v)
      1985 Poland Animals (4v)
      2003 Poland Birds of Prey Mini Sheetlet
      2002 Portugal (Madeira) Birds (4v)
      2002 Portugal (Madeira) Birds Mini Sheetlet
      1984 Romania Birds (4v)
      1994 Romania Fish (4v)
      2006 Romania Birds (4v)
      1993 Russia Tigers (4v)
      1993 Russia Tigers Mini Sheet
      1985 Rwanda Gorilla (4v)
      1993 San Marino Butterflies (4v)
      2007 Serbia Birds (4v)
      2001 St. Lucia Birds Mini Sheetlet
      2002 St. Tom E. Principe Turtle Odd Shape
      1996 Seychelles Birds Mini Sheetlet
      1998 Somali Republic Cats Mini Sheetlet
      1998 South Africa Fish Booklet
      2001 Swaziland Animals (4v)
      1994 Sweden Birds (4v)
      1999 Tristan da Cunha Birds (4v)
      1999 Tristan da Cunha Birds Mini Sheetlet
      1992 Turk Cyprus Turtles (4v)
      2000 Tuvalu Fish Mini Sheet
      1998 Ukraine Birds (4v) + 2 Different M/Sheets
      1993 Uruguay Birds (4v)
      1996 Vanuatu Bats (4v)
      1987 Viet Nam Monkeys (4v)
      1991 Viet Nam Frogs (7v)
      1995 Viet Nam Tapir Mini Sheet
      2000 Viet Nam Animals Mini Sheetlet
      2000 Yugoslavia Birds Mini Sheetlet
      1997 Zaire Gorilla Mini Sheetlet
      WWF Birds Local Issues also available.

      Rizwan Sadiq
      Ali Philatelic Traders
      GPO Box 2459
      Lahore Pakistan

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