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85Birds Animals Fish Butterflies 60% Discount

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  • Ali Philatelic Traders
    May 10 4:47 AM
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      Dear Friends
      I am offering you Animals Birds Butterflies Fish and Marinelife sets
      many items at more than 60% Discount on Stanle Gibbions Catalogue. This
      offer is valid till end of stock. So for confirm your order please
      contact the below address as soon as possible.We accept online Credit
      Cards. You can also pay through Western Union and Money Gram online
      Money Transfer services.

      1975 Pakistan Urial Sheep (2v)------US$3.00
      1976 Pakistan Ibex Goat (2v) 3.00---US$3.00
      1983 Pakistan Chinkara Deer (1v)----US$1.50
      1983 Pakistan Cattle and Fish (4v)--US$3.00
      1984 Pakistan Snow Leopard (2v)-----US$3.00
      1986 Pakistan Marcopolo Sheep (1v)--US$1.50
      1988 Pakistan Markhore Deer (1v)----US$1.50
      1989 Pakistan WWF-Black Bears (4v)--US#2.00
      1993 Pakistan Food Day(Birds-Animals)--US$0.50
      1994 Pakistan Brown Bear & Fish (4v)---US$3.00
      1995 Pakistan Snakes (4v)--------------US$2.00
      Australia Dogs (5v)---------------US$3.00
      Canada Dogs (4v)------------------US$3.00
      2005 India Dogs(1v)---------------US$2.00
      2005 India Dogs Mini Sheetlet of 4 sets----US$8.00

      1982 Afghanistan Birds (2v)----------US$1.00
      1985 Afghanistan Birds (7v)----------US$1.50
      1989 Afghanistan Birds (7v)----------US$1.00
      1975 Pakistan Black Partridge(2v)----US$3.00
      1976 Pakistan Peacock(2v)------------US$3.00
      1979 Pakistan Himalayan Pheasants(4v)---US$3.00
      1980 Pakistan Himalayan Pheasants(1v)---US$1.50
      1981 Pakistan Western Tragopan (2v)-----US$4.00
      1983 Pakistan Siberian Cranes (1v)------US$1.50
      1986 Pakistan Shaheen Falcon (1v)-------US$1.50
      1987 Pakistan PSB - Birds (4v)----------US$3.00
      1991 Pakistan Hubara Bustard (1v)-------US$1.00
      1992 Pakistan Ducks Mini Sheetlet(16v)--US$4.00
      1995 Pakistan Bird - Issued on Gala Water Sports(4v)--US$1.00
      1997 Pakistan Himalayan Pheasants (1v)---US$0.50
      2000 Pakistan Birds (4v)-----------------US$1.50
      2003 Pakistan Bird (1v)------------------US$0.50
      Haiti 36 Different Birds Stamps----------US$5.00
      2004 Malaysia Birds Animals (4v) + M/Sheet-----US$3.00
      2005 Fiji Falcons (4v)----------------US$5.00
      Birds of Srilank Sheetlet of 25 different stamps US$5.00
      Tanzania Birds (4v) + M/Sheet----------US$2.00
      2004 Nepal Birds Butterflies(4v)--------US$2.00
      1983 Pakistan Butterflies(4v)----US$3.00
      1995 Pakistan Butterflies(4v)----US$3.00
      1995 Pakistan Butterflies Mini Sheetlet of 4 sets---US$10.00
      New Zealand Butterflies High Face Value NZ$15.00----US$10.00
      Canada Butterflies (4v)------US$3.00
      2004 Nepal Birds Butterflies(4v)--------US$2.00
      Fish & Marinelife
      1973 Pakistan Fish (4v)----------US$3.00
      1981 Pakistan Green Turtle(1v)---US$1.50
      1982 Pakistan Indus Dolphin(2v)--US$2.50
      1983 Pakistan Marsh Crocodile(1v)--US$2.00
      1995 Pakistan Fish(4v)-------------US$3.00
      2003 Pakistan Export-Fish Mini Sheetlet(20v)----US$3.00
      2004 Pakistan Fish (5v)-------------US$1.00
      2004 Pakistan Fish Mini Sheetlet of Five Sets 5.00
      2003 malaysia Fish (4v) + M/Sheet--------US$3.00
      1995 South Korea Frogs (2v) + 2 M/Sheets---US$4.00
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      Rizwan Sadiq
      GPO Box 2459
      Lahore Pakistan

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