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Re: Norwegian Handknits

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  • loweosborn
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    Message 1 of 5 , Sep 3, 2009
      --- In nordicknitters@yahoogroups.com, Jessica Drennan <jld13@...>
      > Hi, I just got my copy as well. I can see why loweosborn liked it
      > it's a lovely looking book with a nice theme, photos and articles but
      > overall I still found it disappointing. There are only two sweater
      > patterns given and I was expecting around twenty. There are plenty of
      > socks, mittens, bags, and pillow patterns, but I it wasn't enough to
      > satisfy me. I thought the patterns given, especially the whimple and
      > Sami sweater, were a bit clunky looking and could have been designed a
      > nicer for a more sophisticated look. I think the most egregious thing
      > the book is the first chapter which has patterns for a hat, mittens,
      > etc; all based on the same repeating pattern of small garter stitch
      > ridges. The whole chapter consists of this silly pattern! If any of
      > were free on Ravelry, I wouldn't have downloaded any of them, but to
      make a
      > whole chapter seemed like such a wasted opportunity.
      > So if you're into a nice history of Vesterheim, this is a good book.
      > you're more interested in Norwegian sweater patterns, well, not
      really. I
      > probably would have forked over the $18 on Amazon anyway but just a
      > up if you have your hopes up high like I did.
      > Jessica
      > loweosborn wrote:
      > > > I just got my copy of Norwegian Handknits in the mail the other
      day and
      > > it's wonderful !!! You can also get it thru Amazon.com
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    • loweosborn
      To me it is a very lovely book, but you are correct that the extended patterns based off Ruth s knitting are pretty mundane. In this publication the authors
      Message 2 of 5 , Sep 4, 2009
        To me it is a very lovely book, but you are correct that the extended patterns based off "Ruth's" knitting are pretty mundane. In this publication the authors chose to design their patterns from beginner to advanced, limiting the space for detailed sweater patterns. The Voss sweaters at the end are impressive though. The wimple does look "chunky" and some of the headbands really leave something to be desired. The ski socks, hats, mittens, and felted embroidered purses are inspiring to me. While some of the pillow patterns are quite lovely, such as the "Foolish Virgins", it is irritating that they included a stereotypical Viking ship pillow. Why ?
        Perhaps if the authors chose to do another book they could exclusively include sweater patterns from the museum's collection. It's more than likely that there is at least one sweater that has some unique design that is normally not seen.
        There are many publication dedicated to traditional Norwegian sweater patterns, so to me, it is nice to have one which mainly provides smaller projects.

        I really regret having bought my copy off Amazon to save a few bucks. I should have purchased it thru the museum website. It is so important to provide support to this museum, the Nordic Heritage Museum, and any others who help preserve this heritage and inspire us to learn more about these traditions. Despite it's small weakneses, I am quite happy to have added this book to my Nordic knitting collection.
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