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    Here is Ms. Lavold s latest newsletter Dear subscriber, The months after we finished the new books for this season (The Out of the Blue Collection and The
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 5, 2008
      Here is Ms. Lavold's latest newsletter

      Dear subscriber,

      The months after we finished the new books for this season (The Out
      of the Blue Collection and The Touch of Romance Collection – read
      more below) have really been extraordinary. We were exhausted, and
      had actually made up our minds to skip doing a Spring/Summer 2009
      book. Instead, we had our minds set on a research trip to Ireland to
      find new sources of inspiration and take photographs for… well, you
      can guess, can't you?

      Then we went on Summer holidays to our favorite island on the
      planet, Bornholm, and spent 10 lovely days with good friends, no work
      at all, just relaxing, and came back to Stockholm with new energy. At
      about the same time, we got some feedback from the KFI sales
      people: "Silky Wool is a yarn loved by just about every knitter.
      Wouldn't it be great if Elsebeth made a book full of small, easily
      finished projects, in Silky Wool?" Elsebeth chewed on the idea for a
      while, and then decided "I can do that!"

      So instead of a slow-paced fall, we started working on the book
      that wasn't supposed to be, but that is now scheduled to hit the
      stores in early spring next year. And we managed to squeeze in the
      Irish trip, albeit with less time for planning and pre-research than
      we had hoped for. On the other hand, we had so much help from Ravelry
      and Elsebeth Lavold Fan Club member Jo Kerrigan, who not only
      supplied us with excellent tips on where to go, but actually acted as
      our guide in West Cork, together with her husband Richard Mills. Jo
      is, among other things, a freelance journalist and travel writer, and
      Richard is a professional photographer, so we couldn't have asked for
      a better couple to introduce us to Ireland. Jo has a very nice
      article, illustrated by Richard's photos, about our get-together at
      her blogspot, http://celticmemoryyarns.blogspot.com/2008/10/of-celtic-
      and-viking-interlacement.html, where she also generously shares many
      of her Irish treasures from nature and history.

      So there are quite a few reasons why we haven't been able to
      update our website earlier, and why this newsletter hasn't arrived
      until now. But here it is. Enjoy!

      Elsebeth Lavold & Anders Rydell

      Unsubscribe information at the bottom of this email.

      New Fall 2008 books: The Out of the Blue Collection and The Touch of
      Romance Collection

      The Out of the Blue Collection features designs in Baby Llama, Silky
      Flammé, Silky Cashmere, and Silky Wool. In the book, Elsebeth has
      collected patterns and techniques that behave in unusual or
      unexpected ways, quite a few of them her own "inventions", to create
      designs that get their appeal seemingly out of the blue. For example,
      the Silky Wool design Exact got its name from the egg-carton-like
      pattern that is actually a simple lace pattern that hasn't been
      blocked, and using the purl side as the right side.

      One of the fall books usually introduces the new yarn(s) for the
      season, and this is true for The Touch of Romance Collection as well.
      Bambool is one of them, and we can't remember the last time designs
      like the unusually shaped Deirdre (on the cover) and the adorable
      girls' dress Caitlin got such an immediate and favorable response
      from the knitters. There are quite a few interesting designs in the
      other new yarn, Calm Wool, as well, one of them being Elsebeth's
      first ever dog sweater, Lady. She mentions in the introductory text
      that she had problems trying to name the sizes. Who wouldn't? And,
      of course, there is a matching jacket, Phoebe, for the mistress as

      New Fall 2008 yarns: Bambool and Calm Wool

      Would it surprise you if we mention that one of the new Fall 2008
      yarns, Bambool, is spun with 80% Bamboo Viscose (the rest is Merino
      Wool)? Given the names of previous yarns in the Designer's Choice
      series, we guess not. This mixture gives the yarn a lovely shine and
      softness, but also a nice heavy drape.

      The other new yarn, Calm Wool, is a lot thicker, and the name might
      be slightly more difficult to decipher in terms of composition. It's
      a play on the words Camel (30%), Alpaca (30%) and Wool (40%). If you
      are familiar with Elsebeth's design (and since you subscribe to the
      newsletter, we assume most of you are), it won't come as a surprise
      that this yarn is particularly well suited for cables, giving them a
      nice and chunky look. Even if there are no Viking Knits designs in
      The Touch of Romance Collection, don't be surprised if Calm Wool will
      be used in the Viking Knits Project in the future.

      Both yarns are introduced in 12 colors, Bambool with mostly strong
      and intense colors, Calm Wool in a more down-to-earth color story.

      A look at 2009: Viking Knits invades the USA again

      We're very pleased to announce that we're preparing to ship the
      Knitting Along the Viking Trail exhibition across the Atlantic Ocean
      again. We haven't published the news at our website yet, but we
      thought our newsletter subscribers should be among the first to know.
      After Minneapolis (The American Swedish Institute, 2003) and Eau
      Claire, Wi, (The Ager House, 2004), it will be shown at The Nordic
      Heritage Museum from February 6 to April 5 2009. We will be there to
      set up and open the exhibit, and Elsebeth will teach 3 days of
      workshops from February 7-9 2009. You can find out more at
      www.nordicmuseum.org. A week later, she will teach at the Madrona
      Fiber Arts retreat in Tacoma on February 12-15, 2009. You can find
      out more at www.madronafiberarts.com.

      Next, the exhibition moves to the Vesterheim Museum in Decorah,
      Iowa, to be shown July 12 to October 11, 2009. There will be
      workshops in the period following the opening in Iowa as well. We
      will return with more information as the schedule develops further.

      If you know of any other museums or other interested parties in
      the USA or Canada that might like to show the exhibition, feel free
      to suggest they have a look at http://www.ingenkonst.se/exhibit.htm,
      where there is plenty of information and photos from previous
      exhibition sites, as well as downloadable information specific to
      prospective exhibitors, or have them drop us a line at
      info@.... You never know when the Vikings, in the form of
      knitted garments and the artifacts that inspired them, might invade
      your neighborhood. Just a word of caution: Since, unlike an art
      exhibition, we can't finance the exhibition by selling exhibited
      items, we need to charge a monthly rent. The exhibition is also quite
      demanding in terms of space needed, so even if we would very much
      like to offer it to e.g. yarn stores, this is most often impossible
      for practical or economical reasons. The exhibitors, so, far, have
      been almost 100% museums and institutions.

      Other additions to www.ingenkonst.se

      Since our last newsletter, the unfortunately inevitable errata
      information has been updated with some additions. Using the direct
      links from the News page is probably the easiest way to find them.
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