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  • Karin
    July 2008 Well, June came and went and having a booth at TNNA was a wonderful experience for me. I had forgotten how much fun TNNA is! My four new designs met
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 13, 2008
      July 2008

      Well, June came and went and having a booth at TNNA was a wonderful
      experience for me. I had forgotten how much fun TNNA is! My four new
      designs met with good response and I am
      working hard to finish up the layout of the patterns. They will be
      available by September 1 at the latest. You can view my TNNA booth
      and other photos on my blog:

      I met the group from Patternfish, a new online pattern store (only a
      month old!) with the aspiration of being the most comprehensive PDF
      pattern source in the world. Already they have more than 950
      patterns available. It is an easy site to navigate and I am honored
      to have been invited to put my work there. I am in the process of
      reformatting and uploading my patterns, but it will be awhile before
      they are all up there. Meanwhile,
      check the site out at: http://www.patternfish.com/

      After a day of rest from TNNA, I taught for three days at a
      conference, also in Columbus, Ohio, called Knitters Connection. It
      was a lot of fun and many national teachers who came for TNNA were
      there to offer classes. I came face to face with Clara Parkes of
      Knitters Review! I was so thrilled with her wonderful sense of
      humor. I bought her new book The Knittters Book of Yarn and she
      even signed it! I met the gang from Ravelry,
      got my Ravelry button, and saw them working hard on their computers
      in the hotel, hour after hour.

      At the obligatory teachers' meeting, Cat Bordhi was so excited to
      show us all a new technique she worked out for making ssk look
      nicer. You know how one side of your sock gusset can look zig-
      zaggy? Well now, with her method, the ssk line is as straight and
      clean looking as the K2tog side. I have a photo on my blog showing
      the difference on a sock heel. I can't wait for her to put up a new
      video on YouTube to demonstrate it! How lucky the knitting community
      is for teachers like her who want to share knowledge rather than keep
      it proprietary.

      Other news is that I have the opportunity to teach again in Colorado
      for five days! I love to go out there and these workshops have been
      confirmed. You can get more information about the classes from my
      website, or call the contacts below.

      On July 31- August 1 (Thursday and Friday), I will be offering The
      Danish Skrå-trøje at Shuttles, Spindles, and Skeins in Boulder, CO
      (303-494-1071 or 800-283-4163).

      On August 2-3 (Saturday and Sunday), I will be teaching Swedish
      Twined Mittens and Traditional Gansey Techniques for Judy Pearce of
      Fiber Experiences in Denver, CO. You can contact Judy:
      jppearce1@... or 303-431-4993.

      On August 4 (Monday), I will be at Knit Knack in Arvada, CO teaching
      Norwegian Mittens.
      You can call 303-456-2021 or email gerribragdon@....
      There are still spaces, so if you are interested, give the shops a

      I am also so excited about the Santa Fe Retreat that will be held
      September 30-October 5.
      What a special time is planned, including tours, shopping, and of
      course, lots of knitting! I will be teaching Traditional Gansey
      Techniques and Swedish Twined Socks. If you are interested, call
      Barb at 888-559-2767 or email her at info@... OR
      David at 877-603-6725 or email him at opal@....

      And next year (August 22-Sept. 4, 2009) is my knitting cruise with
      Nancy Bush on the Holland America line to Holland, Norway, Sweden,
      Finland, Estonia, Russia, Germany, and Denmark. We both will be
      teaching traditional knitting classes. You can get more
      information at: www.craftcruises.com. I went to Costa Rica and the
      Panama Canal in 2003 with this company and had an awesome time.
      Registration is happening NOW! (Tell 'em I sent ya!)

      Each day is a new miracle for me here in Vermont. I look forward to
      making some currant jelly for the winter and freezing blueberries and
      raspberries too in between knitting projects. Enjoy the lovely
      summer, wherever you are.

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