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New Member / Survey for business plan

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  • Kathryn McMahon
    Hello! I am a new member, with an interest in yarn/wool. I spin and weave, and raise sheep. My favorite breed is Icelandic which lend themselves to the
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 11, 2007
      I am a new member, with an interest in  yarn/wool.
      I spin and weave, and raise sheep. My  favorite  breed is Icelandic  which  lend themselves  to the  knitting of Nordic sweaters  because of  their  specialized  wool.
      I also need to  distribute a survey for my business plan. I am applying for a business  loan and this is an important step in the business  plan.
      I'd appreciate it  if anyone   would be kind enough to answer  it.  Completely  private, and will not be sold or otherwise  used to invade your  privacy.
      Here is  the link  to my sight:
      Thanks to anyone  who takes the time  to complete the survey. It's just about the last  step I  need  to complete before  I can submit the application.
      Fossil Creek Farm,  NY
      German & Satin  Angora Rabbits - Sheep
      Handspun Yarn & Handwoven Items
      Using 18th & 19th  Century Spinning Wheels and Looms

      Luggage? GPS? Comic books?
      Check out fitting gifts for grads at Yahoo! Search.
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