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RE: [nordicknitters] Tea Party and Yarn and Fabric Sale

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  • Margaret Rehnstrom
    I would like to know the address & phone number. Margaret Rehnstrom mrehnstrom@seattlechildrenshome.org From: nordicknitters@yahoogroups.com
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      I would like to know the address & phone number.


      Margaret Rehnstrom




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      Sent: Wednesday, August 29, 2007 7:08 PM
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      Subject: Re: [nordicknitters] Tea Party and Yarn and Fabric Sale


      Thank you for the invitation, Nancy . I would like the location information please.

      Kristina Strombo

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      Subject: [nordicknitters] Tea Party and Yarn and Fabric Sale

      I am holding a tea party and yarn sale on Saturday September 15th. I
      have way too much yarn. People have asked me, in all seriousness, "Do
      you have a yarn store?," when they have seen my stash. I will be
      selling lots of cotton, including rug yarn, linen, silk, some
      novelties, and a very limited amount of animal fiber yarn. There will
      be cones, balls, bags of ten balls. In addtion I have lots of cotton,
      silk and linen fabric as well as a very limited amount of synthetic
      that will be available as yardage and cotton fat quarters. Prices
      start at $0.25.

      Feel free as I live in a large apartment on the bottom of Capitol
      so come on in and relax with your choice of black tea, flavored tea,
      green tea, herbal tea or decaf black tea. I've got almost as much tea
      as I do yarn! The party will be held in a large room in my apartmemt

      I promised my building manager that I would not post the address, so
      please RSVP amd if you are interested and I will send
      you my street address and phone number. Feel free to bring your fiber-
      obsessed friends. Hope you will take home lots of yarn.

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