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PNW Madrona Fiber Arts Summer-Fall News

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  • Karin
    Just in case you aren t on the e-mail list. Hi Madrona Friends! Cornie and I sure hope you are enjoying your summer. Don t forget to save February 14-17, 2008
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 3, 2007
      Just in case you aren't on the e-mail list.

      Hi Madrona Friends!

      Cornie and I sure hope you are enjoying your summer. Don't forget to
      save February 14-17, 2008 for the 9th Annual Madrona Fiber Arts
      Winter Retreat in Tacoma, Washington. We'll soon have more
      information for you on our website at www.madronafiberarts.com.
      However, we are giving you a tiny peek into just a few of the
      teachers for 2008. But first we have a
      fabulous fall workshop announcement.

      LACE WORKSHOP WITH EVELYN CLARK – September 15-16, 2007

      Here is an opportunity to immerse yourself in lace and learn lace
      design and charting from award winning lace designer and master
      teacher, Evelyn Clark. Evelyn's new book, "Knitting Lace Triangles"
      is rolling off the press and you'll be one of the first to
      receive your own copy at the workshop. We'll be using lace patterns
      from the book, combining them in your own design while learning
      charting and how to "read" the lace on
      your needles. Evelyn's class will be held at Suzanne's lodge home
      outside of Issaquah, WA about 30 minutes from downtown Seattle.

      For a complete class description, costs and a registration form send
      an email to Suzanne at suzanne@... . Don't wait!
      Evelyn's classes are very popular and there are limited spots


      There is always a little danger in giving everyone a peek at our
      plans for the upcoming
      Winter Retreat ahead of a full preview. We want to make sure that
      you know we DO NOT have it all together yet and there are many more
      teachers and classes that will be at the retreat next February than
      are included in this "peek". Take note - we have a lot of
      surprises, new teachers and returning favorites that are not
      mentioned in this very brief

      Lucy Neatby is back! We are delighted to host Lucy again after
      several years and we can't wait to see the new classes she has. We
      haven't picked all of Lucy's classes for the retreat so if you have a
      favorite or one that you have wanted to take but didn't get to,
      here is your chance to help us make some choices. Let Suzanne know
      what your wish is for a Lucy class. Margaret Radcliffe of "Maggie's
      Rags" also returns with lots of help for the newer knitter. She is
      the author of "The Knitting Answer Book", a resource that makes
      it easy to find the answers and suggestions when you are in the
      middle of knitting and faced with a "what to do" dilemma or problem
      but don't quite know what to call it… it's a "google" moment and The
      Knitting Answer Book is your resource! Margaret will delight you
      with her practical yet creative approach to all things knitting.

      We are excited to introduce you to Kathryn Alexander. Kathryn
      spins "energized singles" of many colors to make the most amazing
      colorful and exciting garments, socks and scarves.
      Maybe you have seen her very popular entrelac socks published by
      Interweave. Nancy Bush returns with more Estonian patterns, folk
      socks, and Nordic knitting. Nancy and Judith MacKenzie McCuin will
      team teach a special spinning and knitting class. And Judith always
      has a twist of the new up her sleeve or I should say in her fingers
      on the spinning wheel.

      Some other peeks include an introduction to "Weaving for Knitters"
      with Syne Mitchell, the creator of the WeaveCast podcast; Jean Wong
      of Japanese tailored knitting and fine finishing fame will bring you
      a new class in addition these favorites; there will be more
      Fair Isle design with Janine Bajus; and more knitting tips, hints and
      inside information for survival as a knitter with Stephanie Pearl-

      Winter Retreat 2008 will have many more teachers and surprises to
      introduce you to so go ahead and reserve February 14-17, 2008 in your
      calendar. We will have more posted on the website the beginning of
      September and then the full Winter Retreat class schedule in late
      October. We'll send out announcements but be sure to check the
      website too.

      Don't forget – to get more information and a registration form for
      Evelyn Clark's Lace Workshop in September please email Suzanne at
      suzanne@... .

      Thanks so much for all your support and enthusiasm. Enjoy the rest
      of the summer.

      Suzanne Pedersen - suzanne@...
      Cornie Talley - cornie@...

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