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Re: Terry's book

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  • Anita
    ... interesting, I read the forward to my husband. My copy was signed and number 20 of 500, so that was fun! My husbands mother s mother and father came from
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 16, 2007
      --- In nordicknitters@yahoogroups.com, Barbara Mason
      <barbaramason45@...> wrote:
      > I just got Terry's book on the Selbu knitters and it was so
      interesting, I read the forward to my husband. My copy was signed and
      number 20 of 500, so that was fun! My husbands mother's mother and
      father came from Norway, Oseid lake, and her last name was Oseid, I
      guess everyone who lived on the lake had that name. Convenient, I am
      not sure if they were all related but they probably were as it is a
      small lake. We have a wonderful book of stories about their first
      homestead and how they walked 20 miles to carry a sack of flour home.
      It makes me feel like a slacker, their lives were so hard. My
      husband's grandmother was quite well off in Norway and even had a
      maid...but she came to Minesota as a pioneer with her husband, what a
      shock that must have been for her.
      > My sister in law went to Norway a few years ago and the old farm
      is still there but of course sort of falling down after 150 years.
      Everyone was so kind to her but not too many of the old cousins spoke
      English so there was a lot of sign language and translation by the
      younger ones. My sister in law is in her 80's herself but she just
      denies it and keeps making trips all over the world all by herself.
      She is going to England this summer.
      > At any rate, I loved the book and am inspired to make some
      mittens..maybe in the fall. 9 stitches to the inch will be a
      challenge...maybe I will fudge and do 7.
      > I still have not made it to the museum for the knitting circle
      but am there in spirit and loved seeing all the pictures of everyone
      working away. I will surely come to the conference if there is one.
      > Best to all,
      > Barbara in Portland
      I am from Norway but now in Seattle. I have been alot in Telemark
      where Oseid is. When i was little we lived in Rjukan in Telemark.
      I am born in Ballangen just ouside Narvik.
      Telemark is so beautiful
      Good luck with you Selbu knitting. Have been knitting Selbu things
      for a long time but everything i have is in Norsk :)

      Best from Anita Einarsen-Vinberg
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