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Vadmel workshop

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  • farmerkarin59
    I was asked to post this so am passing this on. Dear Vadmel Weaving Friends, January 4, 2012 I hope your holidays this year have been rich in
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 14, 2012
      I was asked to post this so am passing this on.

      Dear Vadmel Weaving Friends, January 4, 2012

      I hope your holidays this year have been rich in experience and restful too. In looking over the lists of past participants of the weaving workshops at Vesaas, I think of all of you and hope the year has been a good one – best wishes for the year ahead also.

      In December I received an email from Eli Vesaas with information about weaving vadmel that I would like to share with you. Ingebjørg, Eli and I have decided not to teach a vadmel workshop in 2012, but I want you to know of another weaving opportunity in Telemark. Eli will teach a week-long course in vadmel weaving this summer at Raulands Akademiet www.raulandsakademiet.no

      Another great thing is that Ingebjørg Vaagen will assist her if there are English speaking participants that register for the course. At the Akademiet, housing and food is all right there. Many of you visited Raulands Akademiet, as we attended the exhibitions and fashion show during a weekend excursion. Many traditional arts are taught at the beautiful campus at the university level, and they also offer short courses in the summer that welcome international students. Eli's is one of the short courses that she offered for the first time last July, and will offer again in 2012. They have well equipped studio classrooms.

      While the catalog listing the course, Raulands Akademiet Kurskatalog 2012, is not yet posted on the web site, it will be coming soon in January. Eli has said that the dates for her vadmel weaving workshop will be Monday July 23 to Sunday July 29, 2012. She says that anyone interested can contact the school any time and correspond about registering for the course.

      Most of the pages on the web site for Raulands Akademiet are available in both Norwegian and English – so look for the translation when you explore the different pages. Different pages discuss accommodation, as well as the town of Rauland, etc. Rauland is also in the same area of Vinje in Telemark that Vesaas is located – within about an hour drive from the area where we stayed.

      Some of you have inquired about going again to Vesaas Farm to weave vadmel, and while we haven't decided to quit all together, we know that we will not hold a workshop in 2012, and are unsure about 2013. So, I think this is great news that Eli is teaching vadmel at Rauland – keeping the weaving of vadmel lively. Last year when our workshop members fulled our handwoven cloth at Mjonøy, Eli brought vadmel that she wove as a `test strip' – which will be used as part of her teaching for this course. I'll attach a couple of photos of this, and the day at the Stampa last year. As part of the course at Rauland, there will be a day spent at Mjonøy to full the cloth. Contact me if you have questions, and I'll see if I can help. Also, let others know if you know others that are interested in vadmel weaving.

      Thinking of you!

      Carol Colburn

      Email: carol.ann.colburn@...

      Note there are links and contact information below.


Phone: 35 07 32 92

Email: post@...

      N-3864 Rauland

      Below is a link to the course listing – although it is last year's listing of courses. The 2012 courses should be added to this page soon. I also am listing the link to the vadmel site that Mae launched last year about the workshop at Vesaas; in case some of you have not yet visited explored that site.

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