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Nordic Fashion Exhibit

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  • farmerkarin59
    The Nordic Fashion Summit was very interesting. Quite abit about knitting and design was included. There are contemporary knit pieces in the Nordic Fashion
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      The Nordic Fashion Summit was very interesting. Quite abit about
      knitting and design was included. There are contemporary knit pieces in
      the Nordic Fashion Bienale exhibit. As the museum director said
      it's like "Where's Waldo" when going thru the
      collection. Besides the exhibit being displayed in the three gallery
      rooms on the second floor pieces are placed here and there on all three
      The black knit dress featured in this video
      <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3hb0tJYZMbU&feature=related> from
      Faroese designers Gudrun and Gudrun is there too.

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      > Option provided now of one day attendance
      > Nordic Heritage Museum
      > Friday and Saturday, September 30 - October 1, 2011
      > The 2011 Nordic Fashion Biennale, a six-week-long exhibition
      celebrating design, fashion and innovation, will kick-off on September
      30 with the two-day NFB 2011 Fashion Summit featuring top international
      designers and artists. The summit is designed to inspire conversation
      and exploration between master professionals, industry leaders, emerging
      designers, fashion students and trend setters. Key themes that are woven
      throughout the summit include slow fashion, sustainability and design,
      cultural heritage, and the business of fashion. The Nordic Fashion
      Biennale Symposium is a two day event co-sponsored by the Nordic The
      symposium is open to designers, fashion students and anyone with an
      interest in fashion, cultural heritage and sustainability.
      > Day one on September 30 will include a series of presentations
      covering, among other topics, forecasting fashion trends, slow fashion,
      ethics of fashion, and how to build a brand. The day will conclude with
      a screening of "Rabbit Hole," Icelandic designer Mundi's first foray
      into film which premiered at Paris Fashion Week 2010.
      > Day two on October 1 will focus on the business of fashion,
      highlighting the personal journeys of success from some of fashion's
      most respected experts including Pauline Brown, Steinunn
      Sigurðardóttir, Áslaug Magnúsdottir and Yvan Mispelaere. The
      day will conclude with a thrilling performance by the mesmerizing Henrik
      > 15 speakers and more. Lunch, coffee and refreshments.
      > Costs for the 2-day summit, meals included:
      > Members: $125.00
      > General: $150.00
      > Students: $ 60.00
      > Costs for either September 29 OR October 1 (one day only), meal
      > Members: $62.50
      > General: $75.00
      > Students: $30.00
      > Space is limited so those interested are encouraged to register
      > Speakers include:
      > Cynthia Aherne (US/Norway)
      > Pauline Brown (US)
      > DEM Collective Annika Axelsson (Sweden)
      > Ragna Fróða (Iceland)
      > Katrina I Geil (Faroe Islands)
      > Julie Edel Hardenberg (Greenland)
      > Kirsi Laitala (Norway)
      > Áslaug Magnúsdottir (Iceland)
      > Yvan Mispelaere (US)
      > Mundi (Iceland)
      > Orlando Palacios (US)
      > Guðrun Rogvadottir (Iceland)
      > Steinunn Sigurðardóttir (Iceland)
      > Henrik Vibskov (Denmark)
      > Nicole Marion Miller, Owner and Creative Director of Blackbird, will
      moderate the summit along with New York-based Icelandic stylist and
      designer Edda Gudmundsdottir.
      > nordicmuseum.org/

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