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981SV: [nordicknitters] Re: Historic knitting

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  • Barbro Wilhelmsson
    Mar 4, 2010
      I am sorry the last message was not supposed to go to this list it was a
      message for Christina, please delete it!

      The shawl is knitted used an old interesting stitch and the edging is in

      / Barbro


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      Skickat: den 4 mars 2010 05:21
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      Ämne: [nordicknitters] Re: Historic knitting

      Thanks for your interest!
      I'll try to post some photos -

      --- In nordicknitters@ <mailto:nordicknitters%40yahoogroups.com>
      yahoogroups.com, Candace Brown <wordworshiper@...> wrote:
      > Hello Christina,
      > This is fascinating. I hope you will send a photo so we can all see it. If
      no one in the group can answer your question you might consider sending a
      photo and inquiry to a museum in Sweden or even to Pieceworks magazine,
      which is about historical needlework. In any case, it must be something with
      a great story behind it, to have been treasured, carefully mended and
      preserved all these years. Wouldn't you love to know who made it and when?
      Thank you for sharing this intriguing mystery.
      > Good Luck,
      > Candace
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      > From: mcrolden <mcrolden@...>
      > To: nordicknitters@ <mailto:nordicknitters%40yahoogroups.com>
      > Sent: Tue, March 2, 2010 8:17:30 AM
      > Subject: [nordicknitters] Historic knitting
      > I would like to know something about the history of a piece of antique
      Swedish knitting which I inherited from my father's family. It is a type of
      wrap around shawl which has ties at the ends to keep it fastened.
      > It is knitted in a tan color wool. The stitch looks like a tuck stitch on
      the right side and a garter stitch on the wrong side. It is edged with what
      looks to me like nålbinding in a black and red pattern. The outer edge is
      done in nålbinding in the tan color of the garment. Perhaps the knit stitch
      is in tvåänd stickning?
      > I would guess this might have been knitted about 1870 give or take twenty
      years probably in Småland. It had many holes in it which were mended many
      years ago.
      > Could you help me find out something about the origin of this garment? If
      you wish I could send a picture.
      > Tack så mycket!
      > Christina Oldenburg
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