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97Swedish Tomtar (elves) pictures

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  • loweosborn
    Nov 30, 2006
      Today somehow this little booklet floated to the top of my messy table
      called "49 Tomtar att göra själv" - 49 Elves to make yourself. Our
      household nisse at work ? Some of them are knit, felted, sewn, etc.
      I think I picked it up for a few kronor at a thrift store in Sweden.
      It was a booklet that came with the issue of "Sömnad och Handarbete nr
      9 1981"
      I scanned a few pages and started a photo album for Nordic Holiday
      Knitting. I put under description where they were published.
      I hope this is okay copyright wise ? It's just the pictures not the
      patterns. There's a family of Sami tomtar, sailor tomtar, a calendar
      tomte, and a family of forest tomtar. Very cute.

      Please add your holiday knitting photos to the new album !