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825Nordic Conference

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  • Karin
    Mar 19, 2009
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      WOW, I had a great time and I hope everyone else did too. I LOVED my
      classes and was greatly inspired by my instructors. Marianne Isager had
      a creative mitten pattern using Domino, Domino/Shadow, and Entrelac.
      What a fun person !

      Evelyn Clark's Icelandic Modern Lace was wonderful, very interesting,
      and we got to go on a "field trip" within the museum to see their lace
      collection. Thanks to Evelyn, Karen, and Alex I made it thru my first
      lace sampler !

      Katarina Brieditis is a very creative designer and it's amazing what she
      has created using every scrap of felted sweaters for her DoRedo
      project. My daughter, who took the class with me, is now scrounging thru
      thrift stores for more sweaters. I've never seen her so excited about
      handicrafts !

      Did anyone go to the banquet ? She gave the presentation and I had no
      idea that she has done so much design work from fashion, traditional and
      contemporary knitting, porcelain, rugs, fabrics, IKEA, LINUM, etc..

      For those of us who were oohing and aahing over her Rorstrand dinnerware
      designs here is a picture off the website
      7177003AED5D!OpenDocument&Expand=1> Looks like there are only two
      places listed there that sell in the US.

      If you still want to send in your evaluations/suggestions for the
      Conference please do so. We want to make it better and better !

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