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819Seattle's 17th of May advertising opportunity

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  • birdeekay
    Mar 4, 2009
      This year Seattle's 17th of May Committee is expanding the booklet published for
      the 17th of May celebration in Ballard (Seattle) to include advertising for
      artisans and musicians producing Scandinavian items. This celebration is said to
      be the third largest in the world (after Olso and Bergen).

      If you teach, demonstrate, knit on commission, published a book or video on
      knitting, or are available for bazaars and fairs, we will list you for a $25
      fee. The booklet will be distributed prior to and on the 17th of May at various
      locations in Seattle (typically, the places that sell our 17th of May pins). If
      you are interested in listing, or know of other that may be interested in some
      very targeted advertising, let me know by emailing medirectly at

      We hope to build this booklet into a directory of artists and musicians, goods
      and services for the Scandinavian community in the Pacific Northwest.

      If you know of artisans (instrument builders, wood carvers, Hardander
      embroiders, rosemalers, weavers, etc.) who might be interested, please pass on this

      We need to have all ads in by the end of March, so email me, even if you are
      undecided, so that you will at least be on my list and get the details.

      Roberta Morrow
      Chairman, Publicity and Advertising
      Seattle 17th of May Committee