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776Re: [nordicknitters] RE: [nordicknitters also a hostel just a few miles from the Museum

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  • J E Boles
    Dec 15, 2008
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      Joyce Boles wrote:

      Thanks so much for this "local intelligence report"!  I will be on the phone tomorrow trying to figure things out.

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      Subject: [nordicknitters] RE: [nordicknitters also a hostel just a few miles from the Museum
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      Date: Tuesday, December 16, 2008, 3:37 AM

      Here's another idea --

      You might want to try the hostel down on Shilshole (Seaview Avenue). Prices are quite low -- so you could easily take a cab the approx 1-2 miles uphill to the Nordic Heritage Museum. Here's the link.

      http://www.hostelse attle.com/ hostel_seattle

      DORM BEDS 25.00 U.S.

      PRIVATE ROOM $60.00 U.S.

      The Travel lodge off Aurora would be OK. but the bus would not be so convenient.

      I finally figured out which the Starlight is, and it's a monthly kind of place -- I think mostly guys -- and kinda seedy.

      Kathy (from Ballard)

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      Subject: RE: [nordicknitters] NOT Starlight Hotel for conference!

      Joyce Boles wrote:

      Roberta, you are absolutely correct about the Starlight. I finally go through on the phone, and the guy said it is "not a reservation type hotel" and he did not know if he would have a room in March. This does not bode well.. It also has no web page at all.

      I looked at the Holiday Inn. I am familiar with this chain, and it is too rich for my blood. They wanted $125 to $134 per night, plus tax. So I went back to the drawing boards.

      I googled "motels near 3014 NW 67th St. Seattle WA," and got a list of ten motels. I just called the Marco Polo on Aurora Ave. N. They are on a bus line connecting to a line that goes to the museum, and they have a continental breakfast, and a microwave and refrigerator in the room. And they offered $200 for three nights, prepaid, for senior citizens. This is more my speed. I am sure it is not up to the standards of the Holiday Inn, however. But I am not impressed with fancy details in a lodging house.

      The Marco Polo sounds like the sort of place where I would not leave my laptop in the room, but I would be otherwise safe and contented to sleep there...

      Anyone in Seattle have a comment on this? The other choices were the Chelsea Station on the Park, the Everspring Inn, Green Lake Motel, Wallingford Inn, M & S Magnolia Co., Travelodge (they did not answer their phone this evening), and the Aurora Seafair Inn. They all have such lovely romantic names! I will never forgive myself if I don't call all of them to be sure.

      I know Seattle is a beautiful city, and as a native northwesterner I know any lodging place there is OK, in fact, or the cops would have shut it down. But it is still a seaport city, subject to all those evils!

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      Subject: RE: [nordicknitters] Starlight Hotel for conference?

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      Date: Monday, December 15, 2008, 9:57 PM

      I don't think this is a good place to stay. I only saw one review for it online and it wasn't positive - it's more of a flop house than an actual hotel.

      There are hotels in the University district that aren't too bad and even some at the edge of downtown.

      Holiday Inn isn't bad and the #17 buss goes from the hotel to close to the Nordic Heritage Museum. http://www.ichotels group.com/ h/d/hi/1/ en/hotel/ seasc?_requestid =740673

      http://windowslive. com/Explore/ hotmail?ocid= TXT_TAGLM_ WL_hotmail_ acq_anywhere_ 122008

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