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531Åddebo Ull (wool)

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  • Karin
    Jan 30, 2008

      I found this Swedish website. They mainly have felting supplies but the carded wool can be used for spinning. It's in Swedish only but you could just start clicking !! They have an extensive selection of books,  felting supplies, and wool. This is what they had to say.

      Hallo Karin,

      Nice to hear from you, and your interest in our wool!

      We have a lot of wool-qualitys - rya, gute,  gotland,  leicester, and finull.  We mainly prepare wool for felting,  but you can use our carded wool for  spinning.

      Of course we can send you wool if you are interested.

      Hope to hear from you again,
      Åddebo Ull
      Marianne Karlsson




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