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336Yarn Sale Reminder!

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  • farkler2000
    Jun 29, 2007
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      Hi fellow knitters,

      I just wanted to remind you of the yarn sale I will be holding at my
      house on Sunday, July 1 from 10-12pm. Most everything will be
      $1/cone or $1/skein, as I really want to get rid of it all.

      I will have:

      Coned Yarns (for machine knitting, or plied hand knitting):
      Cotton from UKI (mercerized)
      Cotton from Silk City Fibers
      Cotton from Elton Cop (Great Britain-soft combed))
      Rayon from Silk City Fibers(various types)
      Linen from Silk city Fibers
      Lambswool from Great Britain
      Chenille from Silk city Fibers
      Various Mohair
      Other novelty yarns

      Skeined Yarns (for hand knitting):

      My address is: 1817 9th Ave W. in Queen Anne (top of hill)

      We're between Blaine and Howe on the west side of 9th Ave W. Grey
      House, White fence.

      Hope to see you there!