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269Walstedts yarn/Island troja

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  • hiragaonline
    Apr 29, 2007
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      Hi, I just want to add some info from Barbro's post on Walstedts yarn,
      since I am the one who mentioned it. The website for Walstedts does
      not show how beautiful the yarn really is.
      I have posted some photos in Donna's Swedish knitting, so you can see
      the colors. I think Walstedts was one of the first to have a natural
      fiber multicolored yarn. The yarn was very popular in the 1970's
      when I lived in the Dalarna district of Sweden. The process they use
      is the wool is dyed, then the different color wool is carded together
      before it is spun.

      Walstedts is a family run business, now run by three siblings. It is
      located in the village of Dala-Floda. If you go to Sweden, take a trip
      to visit. In 2002 when I was there, I went to buy yarn and Nils, one
      of the sons gave us a tour of the production area and showed us around.

      On the home page of the Walstedts website, the red building in the
      background is where the yarn production takes place. If you click on
      "Om Oss" on the left, then "Bildarkiv", and under "Bilder" either
      "bildspels" (a slide show) or "arkivet" for photos.

      I learned to knit in Sweden in the 1970's and my first sweater was an
      Island troja. (made popular by Inger Fredholm of the book "Knitting
      with a Smile." I have a photo of the sweater along with the Walstedts

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